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Celebrating 40 Years in Business

Plastic Supply of PA

Since 1983, Plastic Supply of PA, Inc. has served as a unique resource for industrial plastic users in the primary metal processing, chemical manufacture, electronics, medical equipment, cosmetics, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Today we have the distinction of being not only an excellent source for plastic materials, but also for both the fabrication and machining of those products.

With a wide range of high-performance materials—as well as nylon, acetal, PVC, CPVC, polypro, polyethylene, polycarbonate, PETG and acrylic among them—Plastic Supply of PA, Inc. can fulfill all of your needs every step of the way, from material selection to prototype to production.

We’ve learned that providing industry-leading machining and fabrication services takes more than a reliance on the latest technology. Plastic Supply of PA, Inc, with our skilled staff and employees, understands how to produce consistent quality no matter how demanding the end-use application is.

Our work is our own best ally with quality and timeliness being our goal. We also take pride in reclaiming, reusing or recycling more than 30,000 pounds of offal material each year.

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